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Men in Black is one of the most iconic movie series made in Hollywood. We all know the iconic getup of the series. It is an action-thriller movie series loved by movie lovers across the globe. The movie revolves around a highly funded yet unofficial government agency that provides immigration services and regulates all the aliens on Earth. Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) and Jay (Will Smith) are the first Men in Black in the iconic MIB suits. However, in the fourth installment of the movie series, the fans needed to bid goodbye to both characters(Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith) while welcoming new agents to the franchise, Agent H and Agent M. The main plot of the film revolves around the outer Galaxian activities and alien encounters in our world, especially in New York City. 

The first movie of this franchise was released on 2nd July 1997, followed by the second installment released on 3rd July 2002 and the third installment, which was released on 25th May 2012. The 4th installment of the series was released on 14th June 2019. 

You can watch all the Men in Black movies on Amazon Prime, as all the movies are available for streaming purposes on this platform.

However, besides the amazing characters and action in the film, the amazing Men in Black watches have also attracted the attention of watch lovers. If you are willing to know about the popular watches collection the characters wore in the film, This article is for you as here we have mentioned all the popular watches worn in Men in Black film. 

All watches worn in Men in Black 

Hamilton Ventura Chronograph (Ref: H24412732)

Worn by Will Smith / Agent J

Hamilton Ventura Chronograph worn in Men in Black

This iconic watch was seen in both Season 2 and Season 3 of Men in Black. The watch comes with a unique style that attracted everyone’s attention, especially the watch lover who could not but see the charm of this watch. 

In Men in Black Season 2, Will Smith is seen wearing a watch named Hamilton Ventura on his wrist. The Men In Black watch precisely complements the personality and character of Will. During the movie, he also gives the watch away to a city full of small aliens living in a locker. Aliens in that lockers start using the watch as their clock tower. It is one of the most classical scenes of the entire movie franchise. However, it means that you need to pay enough attention to this watch and that’s why directors have chosen the best for the scene. 

 Will Smith / Agent J wearing Hamilton Ventura Chronograph (Ref: H24412732)

In Men in Black 3, Agent J wore the same Chronograph. Talking about the specifications of the watch worn by Agent J, it comes with amazing features such as 50M ( 165 feet) water resistance. It has a unique triangular-shaped dial and a shield-like stainless steel case. The watch crystal is made from sapphire glass. It is one of the most scratch-resistant crystals that you can get. Only a few minerals across the globe, such as diamond, can scratch this glass. So, we can say that this futuristic watch with stainless steel case is the perfect choice for an action-packed movie. The watch also features three silver subdials and a small date window.

Hamilton uses this unique way to promote their watches. The brand makes sure that Hamilton watches appear on the silver big screen. They always choose the most popular series and films to promote their watches and the Hamilton watches were used in Men in Black for the same purpose. The brand developed these watches, especially for Men in Black, which are still known as the most futuristic watches available in the market. 

Hamilton Ventura Auto Worn by Chris Hemsworth 

Hamilton Ventura Auto Worn

It is another Hamilton Ventura watch that you can see in the movie. In the fourth installment of the cinema, the makers decided to introduce some new faces to carry on the journey. Chris Hemsworth comes on the screen as Agent H. In a scene, he was spotted with a Hamilton Ventura Auto watch on his wrist. 

It is another Hamilton Ventura watch that was loved by watch lovers. It runs on a three-hand automatic movement and 80 hours of power reserve. The watch comes with intricate snail and pearled patterns. The 50M water resistance makes this Hamilton Ventura watch a perfect choice for everyday use. The watch comes with a stainless steel case with a matching silver-tone wing-like design on the sides. Like the previous watch on the list, this watch is also protected by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The amazing style of the Hamilton Ventura will make you adore the mechanism and design. It is another futuristic watch by Hamilton that was used in Men in Black International. 

Hamilton Ventura Auto Worn by Chris Hemsworth 

Hamilton Ventura Quartz worn by Tessa Thompson 

hamilton ventura quartz

Besides Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson also joins the Men in Black as rookie Agent M. in the fourth season. Her choice of Men in Black watch is undoubtedly amazing. She chooses The Hamilton Ventura Quartz for the role of Agent M. 

The design of this Hamilton Ventura Quartz is quite similar to Agent H’s watch. The black dial makes it look more appealing. However, this watch also comes with a stylish silver case which is paired with a handsome black leather strap. Besides the black leather strap, it comes with silver-tone indexes and watch hands. The latter in the watch is in a pointed shape for the hour and minute hands and the hand for seconds has it in an arrow style. The Hamilton Ventura Quartz has 50M water resistance properties and is made of scratch-proof sturdy mineral crystal.

From the Writer

Hamilton is a brand of modern watches that has appeared in more than 500 films until now and many film agents are seen wearing stylish black models on their wrist. The famous watch brand uses this unique way to promote its best watches. It can also be said that the Hamilton watches collection has set the bar so high that these watches have become the first choices of the makers as well to complement the characters in the movies. However, Hamilton Ventura watches have also mentioned the appearance of its watches in the Men in Black movies on their official website. The iconic Men in Black look is not complete without these Watches. All these Hamilton Ventura watches are not only amazing but also they are futuristic and full of amazing features and specifications. If you are a true watch lover, all these Ventura watches will definitely impress your aesthetics. Here we have mentioned all the top watches worn in Men in Black cinema by the agents. Hope this article was helpful to you. 

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