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Breaking Bad is one of the best series, which is not only a commercial hit but critically acclaimed across the globe. It is one of the most-watched series on Netflix that is preferred by movie lovers in different corners of the world. Regardless of whether we talk about the screenplay, storyline, or cinematography, there are only a few series that can match the aesthetics of Breaking Bad. 

The series not only describes the common factors in life that we often avoid but also amazingly portrays how human psychology works. It is the best part of the series as viewers start to connect with the characters and the storyline of it. The story revolves around the character of Walter White, who is a chemistry teacher. He is extremely qualified but underpaid. The story takes a major twist when Walter  gets diagnosed with stage III lung cancer. According to the medical expert, he only has two years left to live. When he finds out that he is going to die in one way or another within two years, he becomes fearless. He wants to pay his medical debts and also desires to secure his family financially. To meet all his needs, he chooses to enter a dangerous world of drugs and crimes. After entering this world, his personality, as well as his way of thinking, starts to change. The main story of the series revolves around his life and how he manages to secure his family as well as his identity in the world of crimes. 

It is undoubtedly one of the most well-written stories that you can watch, as the directors took care of every emotion while developing this. 

The series has 5 seasons and 62 episodes in total. Each episode is very interesting. The first season premiered on 20th January 2008, followed by the second season on 8th March 2009 and the third season on 21st March 2010. The 4th season of the series was released on 17th July 2011. The 5th and final season of the series was released in two parts. The first part was released on 15th July 2012 and the second part was released on 11th August 2013. The series is available on Netflix to stream.

Besides the amazing storyline of the series, the use of watches is also something that every watch enthusiast must notice. Here we have mentioned the top watches in Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad’s Wristwear Wonders: The Most Memorable Watches

The Casio CA-53W worn by Walter

The Casio CA-53W

It is the first watch worn by Walter. There are several scenes in Breaking Bad  when you can see him wearing Casio CA-53W worn by Walter watch. When Walter is in the car with Jesse, you can clearly see the watch on his wrist. This was the first watch seen on Walter White’s wrist in the series’ initial seasons. 

The Casio CA-53W worn by Walter

You can describe this watch as a typical calculator watch from the 80s that comes with a small screen at the top along with the calculator buttons on the bottom. The watch neither looks much expensive nor is it. You can get this incredible watch for the price of around $20.

However, this watch precisely meets the personality of the character in the initial seasons of the series. Though it cannot be described as a classy watch, we can say that it is a practical choice. 

The Casio CA-53W worn by Walter

Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 12 worn by Walter 

Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 12

Here comes the show stealer. Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 12 was first introduced by Heuer in the year 1969 to honor the Monaco Grand Prix. The watch is also known as the world’s first automatic chronograph. Tag Heuer Monaco watch is, indeed, quite expensive as it costs over four thousand dollars. 

It comes with an amazing blue dial that makes it unique. Tag Heuer Monaco watch also has a quite unique date window at 6 o’clock instead of 3 o’clock. The Monaco Chronograph is powered by TAG Heuer’s Calibre 12 automatic movement. Besides having amazing looks and style, the watch comes with high-quality movement that has a date function along with 40 hours of power reserve. This Tag Heuer model comes with a 22mm leather band with a deployant buckle. It is a perfect watch to wear on every special occasion. This Tag Heuer Monaco watch is  water resistant up to 100m / 330 ft on water.

Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 12 is one of the top-quality watches that has received the official Swiss Chronometer Control (COSC.) Certificate for precision. So, if you are a Tag Heuer watch lover and looking for a piece with a water resistant feature, this is the one you should keep an eye on. The watch amazingly meets the changing personality of the character. 

In the series, we saw Walter White receiving this watch from Jesse Pinkman on his birthday. We saw Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 12 several times on the screen throughout the series. Whenever the watch appeared on the screen, it drew the attention of watch lovers. 

Later in the series, we saw Walter White leaving the watch on top of a phone booth due to some reasons that are not clearly disclosed yet. However, we can also see that he was pretty proud of this Tag Heuer Monaco watch. 

Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 12 worn by Walter in breaking bad

We must admit that directors have used Walter White’s watches wisely throughout the series. The first Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre reflects rationality and need, whereas the second watch worn by Walter White reflects aesthetics, class and style. The changes in watches in the series precisely tell about the changes in the character’s (Walter White’s) personality.

Casio G-2500 Worn by Hank

Casio G-2500

It is another watch that precisely meets the aesthetics of the series. We can see the watch on the wrist of Hank. 

It comes with an analog dial along with day and temperature information. It has some shock resistance properties, making it a unique watch you can go for. The watch has a classy and advanced look, adding a sense of style to every outfit. Though this didn’t have enough appearance on the screen, watch lovers didn’t skip it. It has all the features that can make you want it. 

Casio G-2500 Worn by Hank

So, we have mentioned all the top watches worn in Breaking Bad. We hope that you found what you were looking for in this article. 

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