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Jack Ryan is a popular American thriller series available on Amazon prime that is an amazing example of an action-packed cinematic screenplay. This streaming series is inspired by a series of books written by author Tom Clancy. The story of the series revolves around Ryan, who is a former US Marine and stockbroker. The character becomes a civilian history professor at the United States Naval Academy. Later, he joins the Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA as an analyst and occasional field officer, which helps him to become a Deputy director later. The character of Jack Ryan has been portrayed by several actors, including Alec Baldwin, Ben Affleck and Harrison Ford in film adaptations from the time 1990 to 2014.

The story becomes more chilling and interesting when Ryan gets involved in a dangerous feel assignment to uncover a specific pattern in terrorist communication. From there, the path leads him to the middle of a dangerous gambit with an unknown and new breed of terrorism that is planning for destruction on a global scale. The story revolves around how Jack Ryan takes every step to stop the destruction and save himself from this terrific situation. The amazing sense and knowledge of the main protagonist are impressive. The entire series is cinematographically so powerful that viewers go deeper and deeper into the story with every passing minute. 

There were some amazing moments in this political thriller series that completely stunted the audience. The character of the main protagonist is itself something that is worth watching. The action scenes of this television series are extremely breathtaking and can do justice to all your expectations. 

The television series has three seasons available on Amazon Prime video to stream. The series first debuted in August 2018.  The first season came on air on 31st August 2018, followed by season 2 on 31st October 2019, and the third, the latest series on 21st December 2022. 

However, besides the amazing and powerful character of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, played by John Krasinski, there is another thing that succeeded to draw the attention of watch lovers in the series. If you are a watch lover and want to know about the top watches worn in Jack Ryan, here you will get everything you need to know. In this article, we have covered all the best watches the characters are wearing in the series that successfully stole the show. 

Watches Worn in Jack Ryan

1. Hamilton Khaki Field Chrono

The presence of this Hamilton Khaki field auto Chrono watch could be easily seen in almost every episode of the series. The main protagonist of the series, John Krasinski wears this amazing watch throughout the entire series. This Hamilton Khaki field auto Chrono watch is completely black with a black dial and comes with a 42 mm stainless steel case, pvd coated in full black. The watch comes with several other features, such as the exclusive Swiss-made H-21 automatic movement beating at the center of the watch. The watch offers 60 hours of power reserve along with day-date functions. The watch also comes with 10 bar (100m) water resistance and the exclusive H-21 automatic caliber timing. 

Hamilton Khaki Field Chrono

According to the sources, Hamilton built an ad campaign around this extremely popular series which is now available for sale. It means that you can actually buy the Hamilton Khaki field auto chrono watches that are seen in this show. It is indeed an amazing marketing move. The brand has also promoted the presence of its watches in popular television series on its official website. The watch is available on the official Hamilton website so that watch lovers can buy it. 

jack ryan wearing hamilton watch

However, there is no particular scene that is needed to be described while describing the presence of this watch in the show. Jack Ryan wears this particular watch throughout the entire series, and there are several scenes where you can actually see the watch on his wrist. As mentioned before, it is a marketing move by the brand, and so one can see this Hamilton Khaki field auto chrono watch in almost every episode throughout the series. 

2. Hamilton Khaki Aviation X-Wind auto Chrono

Hamilton Khaki Aviation X-Wind auto Chrono

This is another amazing Hamilton watch that was seen in the series as Jack Ryan’s boss, Deputy station chief Jim Greer wore it. The role was played by Wendell Pierce. This watch on his wrist also managed to appear several times on the screen. 

It is an innovative watch that comes with all the features pilots need in a timepiece. The Hamilton Khaki Aviation X Wind Chrono watch comes with a unique feature that helps pilots to accurately calculate how the crosswinds can affect their journey. It is the first watch that comes with a drift angle calculator. It is also a perfect watch that suits urban aviators down to the ground. The 44mm round dial also comes with convenient date and time settings. This watch, just like the previous one mentioned in the list, offers a 60-hour power reserve and 100 m water resistance. Besides the fantastic features, the watch has a striking look that can quickly elevate the class. 

Hamilton Khaki Aviation X-Wind auto Chrono Worn in Jack Ryan

There were several scenes in the entire Jack Ryan season where one can see this watch on the wrist of Jack Ryan’s boss. It is also part of the campaign held by Hamilton. The character of Jim Greer is extremely important in the storyline of the series. This watch is also available on the official website of Hamilton, and they have mentioned the appearance of this amazing watch in the series on their official website. The appearance of this watch in the series has undoubtedly enhanced the demand in the market. 

From the Writer

Hamilton watches have a rich history of appearing in movies and series. It is one of the unique gestures that are taken by the marketing department of Hamilton to promote their best models. Hamilton watches appeared in over 500 major movies since 1932. Both the watches that appeared in Jack Ryan have amazing features and styles that make the characters perfect. The watches are rigid, tough, and ready for action. All the attributes meet the personalities of both the characters, Jack Ryan and his boss. However, if you are looking forward to buy any of these watches, you can get them through the official website of Hamilton. 

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