Rob Dyrdek is a famous American personality who is very talented and has several multidimensional talents to show the world. He is an American entrepreneur who has found several businesses with his venture. Besides that, he is an actor, producer and TV personality. He is also a sports enthusiast and former professional skateboarder. However, he gained popularity in his career through different television shows, including Rob & Big, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, and Ridiculousness.

This personality is not only known for his talents but also his style as well. He is, indeed, a fashion enthusiast and loves to wear outfits and accessories that match his personality. For all the watch lovers out there, in this article, we will talk about all the premium watches he has in his premium watch collection. If you are a true watch lover, you cannot miss going through any of these amazing watches that he has in his collection. These watches perfectly reflect his personality and preferences. Let’s jump into Rob Dyrdek’s watch collection.

The Timeless Swagger of Rob Dyrdek’s Watches

Rob Dyrdek Watch Collection Infographic

1. Rolex Yacht-Master II

Rob Dyrdek wearing Rolex Yacht-Master II

Rolex watches are extremely famous among celebrities, and it is quite obvious that he owns one too. The one he has is the Rolex Yacht-Master 2, which is owned by some other Hollywood celebrities as well, including David Beckham, Bruce Wills, Lorena Ochoa and others. However, it is also clear that besides him, his entire family is a fan of the brand, as his dad was spotted wearing a Rolex Submariner on the TV show Ridiculousness.

Talking about Rolex Yachtmaster 2, it is an amazing watch by the house of Rolex that comes with all the important features along with an amazing appearance. The watch he owns is gold in color and precisely reflects his personality. The watch features a 42mm dial, perpetual movement, a self-winding Chronograph and other exciting functionalities. The watch also comes with a bidirectional rotatable 60-minute graduated bezel. The 72-hour power reserve and 100 meters of water resistance make this watch a practical choice. The timepiece has a retail price of around $35,000, depending on your chosen model.

  • Price from – $35,000
  • Water resistance – 100 meters
  • Diameter – 42mm
  • Release date – 2010

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2. Richard Mille RM 055

Rob Dyrdek wearing Richard Mille RM 055

It is another extraordinary timepiece he has in his collection. This watch features manual winding skeletonized movement with prominent hour markers along with small hands for minutes and seconds. The timepiece is primarily inspired by the RM 038 Bubba Watson Tourbillon watch released in 2011. It is a durable watch that ensures long-term performance.

The watch promises to work properly for years without any kind of inconvenience. The watch case is designed especially for sporty people. Besides Rob, this timepiece is a part of Drake’s watch collection as well. It is scratch resistant and comes with a black bezel made with grade 5 titanium. It is a highly technical watch with great complications and perfect for people like Rob Dyrdek. He shared the news of getting this watch on social media to express his joy. The timepiece has a whopping retail price of $3,27,000.

  • Price from – $3,27,000
  • Water resistance – 30 meters
  • Diameter – 42.70mm
  • Release date – Unknown

3. Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph

Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph

Rob Dyrdek has a Tag Heuer Carrera sports chronograph that comes with an amazing design and an elegant, luxurious look. It is one of the best recent releases by the brand. This classy accessory has been spotted on his wrist a few times. The timepiece features a Steel crown, ceramic bezel, Steel polished case and 100 meters of water resistance. It is an automatic chronograph that comes with a 43 mm big dial. You will need to pay something around $3,6000 to get this watch.

  • Price from – $36,000
  • Water resistance – 100 meters
  • Diameter – 43mm
  • Release date – Unknown

4. G-Shock by Zshock

Rob Dyrdek wearing G-Shock by Zshock

Rob Dyrdek has an icey gold custom G-Shock by Zshock. He has been spotted wearing this iced-out diamond G shock in an episode of Rob Dyrdek’s fantasy factory. It is a rare 25-year-old watch in the market which is not easily available. This is a super durable watch that features digital movement. Mostly known for its shock resistance properties, this timepiece also comes with 200 meters of water resistance and a custom Zshock bezel.

  • Price from – $1,595
  • Water resistance – 200 meters
  • Diameter – unknown
  • Release date – Unknown

What Watches Rob Dyrdek Owns?

Rob Dyrdek is a sportsperson and also a famous face of American television. His watch collection also has some of the best premium watches on the market. His watch collection is worth more than $7,0000, which is not a small amount at all. This collection includes brand names such as Richard Mille, Rolex, Tag Heuer, etc.

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Rob Dyrdek is a highly talented personality, and his choice is precisely reflected in what he wears. We hope that you have loved the article and also his choice of wristwatches.

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