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Daniel Craig’s eminent career as James Bond came to an end recently. He has done a great job playing Bond, and Craig’s great sartorial taste, steely charisma, and elusive personality have made him perfect for the role. Same as Bond, Daniel also loves his Omega and Rolex watches, boasting an impressive collection of fine timepieces valued at more than $2 million. Due to a partnership between the star of Bond and the Omega company, Daniel has been seen wearing several Omega models in his life both on and off-screen. Omega and James Bond are appreciated for their reliability, adventurous spirit, and fashion style. Simply, they complement each other. Apart from the multitude of Omegas in Craig’s collection, he also has a few Rolexes. Let’s take a look at what Daniel Craig’s watch collection has to offer.

Daniel Craig’s Signature Style Through His Watches

Daniel Craig Watch Collection Infographic

1. Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ref. 2201.50.00

Daniel Craig wearing Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ref. 2201.50.00

In 2006’s Casino Royale, taking over for Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig first appeared as James Bond. In Casino Royale, wearing an Omega Seamaster, Craig followed in the footsteps of Brosnan. The Seamaster of Brosnan is a big 45.5 mm with 2,000 feet (600 meters) of water resistance, a unidirectional bezel with a screw in-crown, and at 3 o’clock, there’s a date window and a chronometer. This seems to be a great tool dive watch for James Bond to be wearing. Though the watch is no longer available, it can be found in the secondary market for approximately $4,000.

  • Diameter: 45.5 mm
  • Price: $4,000
  • Water Resistance: 600 meters
  • Release Year: 2005

2. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Master Chronometer Ref

Daniel Craig wearing Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Master Chronometer Ref

During the 2012 Skyfall, Craig wore an Omega Seamaster. This Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra piece is quite a more modern look than the Seamaster, having a sunburst dial that’s blue ribbed. The timepiece runs on Co-axial caliber 8500 movement of Omega, which is resistant to magnetic fields more robust than 15,000 gausses.

Also, the piece has a water resistance of 500 feet (150 meters). The sturdy but timeless pays homage to the illustrious maritime heritage of Omega. The date window is at 3 o’clock. The special dial has been shielded by one sapphire crystal that can resist scratches. It can be picked from the secondary market for approximately $3,800. George Clooney has been spotted wearing one Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra.

  • Diameter: 41.5 mm
  • Price: $3,800
  • Water Resistance: 150 meters
  • Release Year: 2014

3. Omega Seamaster 300 Ref.

Daniel Craig wearing Omega Seamaster 300 Ref.

In 2015’s Bond film Spectre, Daniel Craig wore this Omega Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial Chronometer. This timepiece has a lot of vintage charm, from the vintage lume on the hands and hour markers to the matte black dial. Sean Connery is well known for his Rolex Submariner on a NATO strap in Goldfinger. This piece pays homage to that famed Rolex by being on a black and grey NATO strap.

Presented in the stainless steel case, this piece is unique in several ways. It has a bi-directional bezel ring in black ceramic. Also, it is made in Liquidmetal with a 12-hour scale. Its rhodium-plated hands contain a blue emission vintage coating of Super-Luminova. The other features are ‘lollipop central seconds hands. On the inner side of the watch, there is an exceedingly advanced Omega Master Co-Axial capacity of 8400. Currently, it sells on the secondary market for $13,000 to $19,000. Jon Hamm has been spotted with his Omega Seamaster 300.

  • Diameter: 41 mm
  • Price: $13,000 to $19,000
  • Water Resistance: 300 meters
  • Release Year: 2015

4. Omega Seamaster Diver 300 M

Daniel Craig wearing Omega Seamaster Diver 300 M

Daniel Craig, in his final James Bond Film in 2021, No Time to Die, opted for the Omega Seamaster Diver 300 M. Blending the old piece with the new one, this 0007 edition features a matte brown dial and vintage lume but one modern case shape made from titanium for the maximum action-packed situations. The Seamaster is quite a serious dive watch as well as its water resistant up to 300 meters.

Thanks to its doming of sapphire-crystal glass, it is a bit slimmer than the standard models of Diver 300 M. It is presented on the Grade 2 Titanium mesh bracelet that has an innovative adjustable buckle. It is powered by Co-Axial Master Chronometer 8806 of Omega, which has achieved the highest standards of magnetic resistance, chronometric performance, and precision in the industry. It retails for $9,200.

  • Diameter: 42 mm
  • Price: $ 9,200.
  • Water Resistance: 300 meters
  • Release Year: 2019

5. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Co-Axial Master Gold

Daniel Craig wearing Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Co-Axial Master Gold

Craig is seen boasting his Omega watches off the big screen as well. At the London Premier of the movie ‘No time to Die’ in 2021, Daniel Craig wore his 41 mm Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Co-Axial in 18K Sedna gold. The timepiece also features gold hands and indices and a silver dial. It retails for $34,300.

  • Diameter: 41 mm
  • Price: $ 34,300.
  • Water Resistance: 150 meters
  • Release Year: 1932

6. Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi

Daniel Craig wearing Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi

Daniel Craig has been spotted wearing Rolex timepieces as well. He seems to have his eye on the stainless-steel models, and he has been spotted wearing many stainless steel sports models, including Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi. The watch has a second time-zone complication, thus making it the perfect watch when traveling. Due to the red and blue bezel, this particular model has been nicknamed the Pepsi. Apart from Craig, Brad Pitt, along with many other celebrities, has been seen flaunting Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi.

  • Diameter: 40 mm
  • Price: $ 11,000 to $14,000
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters
  • Release Year: 1954

7. Custom Rolex Submariner by Project X Designs

Daniel Craig wearing Custom Rolex Submariner by Project X Designs

Craig has been spotted wearing his customized Rolex Submariner watch by British customizer Project X Designs. The 50th Anniversary of the Rolex Submariner watch has been tailored for Daniel Craig by replacing its green bezel with a traditional-looking black bezel. To give the timepiece a more vintage look, the Cyclops date magnifier and the crown guard have been removed, and to give the piece a ‘big crown look’, the crown was replaced with a bigger crown. Also, the watch includes the logo of Project X, a big X on the dial. 24 pieces were only made and were quickly sold out. Tom Hardy, Guy Fieri, James Cameron, and more wore Rolex Submariner.

  • Diameter: 40 mm
  • Price: $ 13,200 – $45,700
  • Water Resistance: 300 meters
  • Release Year: 1954

8. Rolex Datejust 36

Daniel Craig wearing Rolex Datejust 36

This 36 mm Rolex Datejust with Roman numeral hour markers and white dial is one of the most affordable Rolexes available on the market. In 2008, Craig was spotted wearing this timepiece. You may pick it from the secondary market for $5000-$7,000. David Beckham, Roger Federer, and Bernie Madoff have worn Rolex Datejust 36.

  • Diameter: 36 mm
  • Price: $ 5000 – $7000
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters
  • Release Year: 1945

9. Vintage Rolex Daytona Ref.6263

Daniel Craig wearing Vintage Rolex Daytona Ref.6263

Daniel Craig has been wearing another vintage piece from Rolex- the Daytona Ref.6263. This timepiece features bakelite bezel and screw-down chronograph pushers. The model that Craig owns has a white dial that has black subdials having Daytona written in red above its 6 o’ clock subdial. This models sales in the grey market from $100,000 to $140,000. Paul Newman, John Mayer, Kevin Hart, and Karim Benzema are fans of Rolex Daytona.

  • Diameter: 37 mm
  • Price: $ 100,000-$140,000
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters
  • Release Year: 1971

10. Omega Speedmaster ’57 Chronograph

Daniel Craig wearing Omega Speedmaster '57 Chronograph

Omega Speedmaster ’57 Chronograph is another popular Omega model that Daniel Craig has been spotted with on the sets of No Time to Die. This timepiece was released in 2017 to celebrate the 60-year anniversary of the initial release of Speedmaster in 1957. This timepiece features one black tropical dial along with vintage hour markers that’s filled with Super-LumiNova. It retails for $7,250 and is a limited edition of only 3,557 pieces.

  • Diameter: 38.6 mm
  • Price: $ 7,250
  • Water Resistance: 60 meters
  • Release Year: 2017

11. Omega De Ville Hour Vision Blue Ref 433.

Daniel Craig wearing Omega De Ville Hour Vision Blue Ref 433.

The partnership of Omega watches with Daniel Craig goes much beyond Bond. He has appeared in several advertisements and been seen off-screen wearing some Omegas, including De Vill Hour Vision dress timepiece in blue. This watch features a 41 mm stainless steel case, and it has a sun-brushed blue dial along with a blue outside hour track. While the piece of Craig has a date complication, there’s another version that has an annual calendar.

  • Diameter: 41 mm
  • Price: $ 7,700
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters
  • Release Year: 2012

12. Vintage Omega Seamaster Memomatic

Daniel Craig wearing Vintage Omega Seamaster Memomatic

Craig has recently been spotted wearing his vintage Omega Seamaster memomatic that dates back to the 1970s. The watch has quite an interesting dial having an inner silver dial and a blue hour ring. On the inner silver disc, the memomatic watch has a second-hour hand that enables the wearer to set a second time zone. Its prices vary between $3,000 to $4000.

  • Diameter: 40 mm
  • Price: $3,000 to $4000.
  • Water Resistance: 50 meters
  • Release Year: 1969

What Watches Daniel Craig Own? 

The stylish, fearless M16 operative known to his friends and foes as 007, James Bond, has been entertaining cinema audiences for six decades. Thanks to the enduring association of the franchise with Omega watches, there was no scarcity of timepieces to go with the varied sartorial choices of Bond. As the most fashionable action hero in Hollywood, Bond has worn some really pretty cool pieces over the years. Now you have the complete list of James Bond’s, aka Daniel Craig’s watches. From Rolex Submariner to Omega Planet Ocean or Seamaster, this James Bond fame artist enjoys a rich tradition of putting into his collection some serious horology. Each of his watches looks downright classic.

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The Daniel Craig watch collection is definitely something that he worked on before he took the 007 role. His self-described “blunt-instrument”, gritty physicality approach to this character has changed the franchise around. His watch collection includes some of the finest models imaginable. Early in the Bond Series, Sean Connery and Ian Flemming wore Rolex Submariners. Over the course of time, however, several other timepieces have been worn by this character. As the franchise knotted itself to the Omega line, new versions of Omega pieces were presented with every new movie.

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