Ryan Reynolds Watch Collection

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has a special place in the Hollywood Spotlight. He has captivated the global audience with his unique wit, charm, and versatile acting roles. Born on 23rd October 1976, in Vancouver, Canada, Reynolds has had an inspiring journey as an actor. He started with small roles in sitcoms and then rose to become one of the most successful blockbuster stars in the world of Hollywood cinema. What makes Reynolds a special one? It’s his impeccable comic timing and how he effortlessly transitions into action-packed roles. He had an incredible screen presence- something that has captured millions of cinema lovers worldwide. Often referred to as the “kind of comedy”, Reynolds has become a household name and has unforgettable movie roles on his name.

 It’s not just who Reynolds is as an actor that makes him a successful and much-loved person. Outside the silver screen, Reynolds’s off-screen personality makes him an appealing celebrity. Reynolds is often known to be a quick-witted and socially savvy individual. He’s always seen with a smile, creating fun wherever he is, and interesting people with a witty comment now and then. Reynolds is also a successful entrepreneur, as the owner of Aviation American Gin. He has been known for his business expertise apart from his entertainment prowess. Amidst the Hollywood crowd, Reynold’s journey speaks of talent, commitment, and a unique ability to connect with movie audiences on a profound level.

Ryan Reynold’s Watch Collection is everything about sophistication and is as refined as his career choices. The actor has been known for his impeccable taste and style and has been spotted flaunting a wide variety of timepieces that are a mix of classic and contemporary. Reynolds’s choice of watches is a testament to his sharp sense of style, his preference for exquisite craftsmanship, and his attention to detail. From red-carpet appearances to casual outings, he has been spotted with watches that have enhanced his overall fashion statement, thereby grabbing the attention of both fashions and Watch enthusiasts worldwide. Here is Ryan Reynold’s Watch Collection:

Ryan Reynolds Watch Collection

 1. Omega Speedmaster with a Green Dial

Ryan Reynolds wearing Omega Speedmaster with a Green Dial

Omega has been one of the most renowned and sought-after watch brands. The Omega Speedmaster Collection was launched in 1957, and several distinguished watches in this collection have been eye-catchers over the past few decades. The Omega Speedmaster with a Green dial is a heritage piece, and its vibrant color is what makes it a notable and remarkable piece in Ryan Reynold’s Watch Collection.

 Reynolds was spotted flaunting this Watch during the 2022 “Gilded Glamour” themed Met Gala, with all eyes drawn to this impressive Watch. The Moonwatch features a powerful chronograph on the dial and is also known to be the only space Watch in the world. It gives tough competition to the Rolex Daytona, which is also in green. George Clooney also has a couple of Omega watches.  

  • Water Resistance: 50 meters / 167 feet
  • Diameter: 42 mm
  • Release Date: 1957
  • Price: From From $37,900

2. Omega Speedmaster Professional Watch

Ryan Reynolds wearing Omega Speedmaster Professional Watch

Another incredible timepiece from Omega’s Speedmaster Collection is the Omega Speedmaster Professional Watch that was spotted on Reynold’s writs in the movie The Adam Project In 2022. The watch was worn by Walker Scobell, who played the ‘young Adam’ character, and Mark Ruffalo, who played his father. The film also shows a close-up shot of the Watch, and it looks majestic!

 Since its inception in 1957, the Speedmaster Collection has been loved by everyone on Earth and became the first watch ever to be worn on the moon. The latest update of the Speedmaster Professional features a legendary chronograph whose design has been inspired by its historical timepiece. It has 3 step dials and comes in a sleek black dial. While the film featured a black strap, the Watch has also been paired with a silver-coloured metal strap.

  •  Water Resistance: 50 meters / 167 feet
  • Diameter: 42 mm
  • Release Date: 1957
  •   Price: From $5,000

 3. Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon

Ryan Reynolds wearing Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon

The all black ceramic Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Watch has been inspired by the adventures of the Apollo 8 astronauts. How? The dark side of the moon has been the topic of numerous conspiracy theories- one of them being that the watch has an abundance of unknown but precious materials. These theories were debunked by the Apollo 8 astronauts, and as a tribute to them, Omega launched a series under the Speedmaster Collection- The Dark Side of the Moon.

The “Black Black” model luxury watch in this series was designed with the beauty of the night sky and the moon in mind.  This watch is 44.25 mm in size. It’s made of black ceramic, with a black strap made of nylon fabric. The hands and the numbers on the watch are black. But, the special feature is how they glow in the dark due to a unique coating called black Super-LumiNova. The outer ring of the watch shows speed measurements, which are also in black. The luxury watch functions with the  OMEGA’s Co-Axial caliber 9300 mechanisms.

  • Water Resistance: 50 meters / 167 feet
  • Diameter: 44.25 mm
  • Release Date: 2013
  • Price: From $11,500

4. Casio F-91W

Ryan Reynolds wearing Casio F-91W

Amongst the blockbusters of Ryan Reynolds, the movie “Free Guy,” which was released in 2021, is a notable one. Reynolds, who plays the character of a video game background and becomes aware of his surroundings, was spotted wearing a simple Casio F-91W digital watch in the movie. First released in 1989, the Casio F91W can be called a “drugstore watch” because it is easily accessible and affordable to the public. It’s not a luxury piece, and this Watch was seen in other shows like “Stranger Things” and “Squid Games.” Why is this Watch a loved piece? It was released in 1991, is black, has a clear screen, and can do things like time your activities, wake you up, and light up in the dark. That’s why this Watch is super famous.

While this watch may not be as classic and luxurious as the others in his watch collection, Reynolds’s choice of this watch tells about his simplicity and his love for something that is functional and looks good. Tyler, the Creator is among other celebrities to own a Casio watch.

  • Water Resistance: Water Resistant
  • Case Size: 38.2 x 35.2 x 8.5 mm
  • Release Date: 1989
  • Price: From $22.95

5. Chopard L.U.C XPS 1860

Ryan Reynolds wearing Chopard L.U.C XPS 1860

Another luxurious timepiece that’s a part of Reynold’s Watch Collection is Chopard L.U.C XPS 1860. Made by a famous Swiss watch company, the Chopard L.U.C XPS 1860 is available in very limited quantities. The L.U.C Collection was launched in 1997. This is a special watch with an exceptionally curated hand-guilloche dial and a guilloche officer-type back cover that opens up and reveals an ultra-thin L.U.C  96.01-L movement. The watch is adorned with yellow gold, has a cool black leather band, and fancy numbers that make it look richer and classier.

  • Water Resistance: 30 meters
  • Diameter: 40 mm
  • Release Date: 1997
  • Price: From $31,710

6. Chopard Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Grigio Speciale Prototype

Ryan Reynolds wearing Chopard Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Grigio Speciale Prototype

The Mille Miglia Collection by Chopard was started in 1988, and the first chronograph in that collection was released in the same year. Since its inception, the Mille Miglia watch line has immensely grown and has become the most reputed and famous line of sports watches by Chopard. One of the most interesting and appealing timepieces from the Mille Miglia Collection was worn by Ryan Reynolds in the 2016 Netflix movie 6 Underground, and it is the Chopard Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Grigio Speciale Prototype. The watch features a sleek stylish all black design with tinges of red. The watch’s power reserve resembles a fuel gauge- a unique feature is the collection’s racing heritage. This watch worn by Reynolds was donated by Chopard later as a part of the Revolution x The Rake Covid-19 Solidarity Auction. The watch ended up selling at auction for USD 11,500. A unique piece indeed!

  • Water Resistance: 10 ATM
  • Diameter: 43 mm
  • Release Date: 1988
  • Price: $ 8,390


7. Chopard Alpine Eagle

Ryan Reynolds wearing Chopard Alpine Eagle

Another Watch from Choppard that’s part of the Ryan Reynold Watch Collection is the Chopard Alpine Eagle. It was first introduced in 1980, the same year in which its predecessor, the St. Mortiz, was also released. The watch has had a lot of similarities and common features in terms of the case shape and bezel with the earlier released Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. The Alpine Eagle also had some similarities to the Patek Philippe Nautilus, especially the case wings. However, the Choppard Alpine Eagle is a very unique and appealing sports watch. The most attractive feature of the Watch is the textured dial pattern. Reynold has been spotted wearing the Alpine Eagle along with other Chopard watches a couple of times.

  • Water Resistance: 100 meters
  • Diameter: 41 mm
  • Release Date: 1980
  • Price: From $13,400


 8. Nixon Siren

Ryan Reynolds wearing  Nixon Siren

Ryan Reynolds has been spotted wearing the Nixon Siren Watch in his 2019 film Detective Pikachu. While he spent most of the time in the film as a Pokemon character, while in human form, he was seen flaunting a simple digital Nixon Siren. Nixon watches were first launched in 1977, and since then, the brand has earned a reputation for making elegant timepieces with a modern, funky touch. The Nixon Siren features a simple, minimalistic design and is a favorite Nixon model for many watch enthusiasts across the globe. This specific timepiece has a more interesting design and, hence, is a step apart from the rest of the brand’s analog offerings.

  •  Water Resistance: 100 meters
  • Diameter: 29 mm
  • Release Date: Not Specified
  • Price: $125

9. Panerai Luminor Marina Pam 351

Ryan Reynolds wearing Panerai Luminor Marina Pam 351

Ryan Reynolds has been an ardent admirer of Panerai watches like Tom Cruise who owns a 44mm Panerai Luminor Marina. The actor was spotted with the Panerai Luminor Marina PAM 351 Watch in one of his on-screen presences. He wore this watch in his 2015 body-swapping thriller film Self/Less. The Luminor Collection was first introduced in 1993 by Paneria, and since the brand has been releasing several editions with distinctive timepieces. Though this model is unlike ‘The Panerai’ large watches, it is still a large watch with a 44mm dial. However, this model is powered by Panerai’s in-house caliber P.9000 movement, which has seconds, a date, and a three-day power reserve. The watch also features a handsome sandwich dial- a feature that is the trademark of Panerai watches. Something that Panerai is known for. A sandwich dial is made up of a lume disc, on top of which is a dial layer with the indices cut out. This feature creates additional layers in the dial and gives the brightest possible lume.

  •  Water Resistance: 100 meters
  •  Diameter: 44 mm
  • Release Date: 1993
  • Price: From $6,750

 10. Piaget Polo Chronograph

Ryan Reynolds wearing Piaget Polo Chronograph

Polo, as we all know, is the sport of kings. Piaget created a Watch of such stature by launching the Piaget Polo In 1979. The Piaget Polo Chronograph is a top-notch steel sports watch that is on par with watches like Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Patek Philippe Nautilus, and Vacheron Constantin Overseas. The Piaget Polo is worthy enough to be ranked alongside those big names. Its round case makes it unique and different from many other watches. Reynold has been seen wearing the Polo model that features a stopwatch and a blue face. It has a clean and easy-to-read design and shows the date at 9 o’clock.  

  • Water Resistance: 10 ATM
  • Diameter: 42 mm
  • Release Date: 1979
  • Price: From $10,000 – $29,000

11. Piaget Altiplano

Ryan Reynolds wearing Piaget Altiplano

The Piaget Altiplano was first released in 2018, and Reynolds wore several Altiplano’s during his time as a Piaget ambassador. He has been Spotted with a model of the Altiplano watch with the small seconds hands at the 4 o’clock position. The watch features a 40mm dual and is made up of white gold. It also has the revolutionary Piaget’s 1205P ultra-thin automatic mechanical movement, which is just 3mm thick. This model of the watch has been discontinued, but it is still a trademark piece of the brand.

  • Water Resistance: 2 ATM
  • Diameter: 41 mm
  • Release Date: 2018
  • Price: From $16,000

12. Piaget Polo Gold

Ryan Reynolds wearing Piaget Polo Gold

Since its birth in 1979, the Piaget Polo Collection has been introducing revolutionary timepieces that have garnered the interest of various celebrities across the world. The Piaget Polo Gold is one such piece, and Reynolds has been seen wearing the Watch in rose gold. This watch with a gold case resembles the discontinued gold/white Nautilus 5711 with a leather strap. As an expensive luxurious Watch, the Piaget Gold features a 42 mm dial and has been an attractive addition to the Ryan Reynold Watch Collection.

  • Water Resistance: 10 ATM
  • Diameter: 42 mm
  •  Release Date: 1979
  • Price: From $30,000

What Watches Ryan Reynolds Own? 

Ryan Reynolds owns a distinct range of watches, that includes notable pieces such as:

  • Omega Speedmaster With A Green Dial 
  • Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch 
  • Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon
  • Casio F-91W
  • Chopard L.U.C XPS 1860
  • Chopard Mille Miglia Gts Power Control Grigio Speciale Prototype
  • Chopard Alpine Eagle 
  • Nixon Siren A1210-001-00 
  • Ryan Reynolds’ Panerai Luminor Marina Pam 003
  • Panerai Luminor Marina Pam 351
  • Piaget Polo Chronograph
  • Piaget Altiplano
  • Piaget Polo Gold

From The Writer

Ryan Reynolds’ remarkable watch collection shows that how he perceives watches. For him, watches aren’t just accessories but a statement and a reflection of one’s personality. His collection speaks volumes about his discerning taste and distinctive style. The collection that spans from robust Omega Soeedmasters to iconic Paneria’s shows that Reynolds is a man who values both luxury and sophistication. His choice of the Casio F-19W and the Nixon Siren tells us how he also likes simplicity in his collection.

The man isn’t just about red-carpet glamor but is also about being functional and speak.

Furthermore, the inclusion of watches like the Piaget Polo and Chopard shows how Reynolds is also on the lookout for watches that have a history, and are classic tag attached to them. His choice of the Omega Dark Side of the Moon shows how much the actor appreciates a well-crafted timepiece, the mystery and story surrounding it, its functionality, and the sophistication it features. The Chopard Mille Miglia is the most notable Watch in his collection as the Watch is one of the most incredible watches ever made by the brand. Collectively, Ryan Reynolds’ watch collection tells us a story of cinematic triumphs, a life of simplicity, and the desire for luxury. Each of his watches is a statement of his distinguished personal style. 

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