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Empowered, Confident, and Boss woman are the three adjectives that spring into our heads whenever we think about Robyn Rihanna Fenty, famously known as Rihanna. She has a lot of profiles to be recognized, including that of a singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman. Apart from fulfilling her professional roles, Rihanna is also known for being an influencer who excels beyond her artistic capabilities. 

While the popstar was only 17 when she released her debut album, Music of the Sun, in 2005, she has come a long way. Rihanna’s estimated net worth is $1.7 billion, mainly contributed by her recently launched cosmetics company in 2017, Fenty Beauty.

Rihanna’s wild and extravagant fashion choices, talent, and accomplishments in music, acting, and entrepreneurial spirit, together with her fashion and beauty enterprises, have elevated her to a prominent and crucial figure in pop culture.

The queen of Met Ball carries outfits that scream class, luxury, and perfection. Another fun fact about the pop star is that she is an avid watch collector, and the superstar has often been spotted wearing expensive and timeless watches to elevate her chic outfits.

From Rolex, Chopard to Patek Philippe, and other famous brands, Rihanna has unapologetically been herself throughout her career. 

Whether the bling through Jacob & Co’s USD 72,000 Brilliant Northern Lights Red Timepiece at the Super Bowl LVII or the whopping US USD 670,000 watch choker at the Paris Fashion Week, Rihanna can pull it off all. But that’s not all. RiRi has some of the most extortionate and extraordinary designs in her watch collection that are worth looking at. 

Let’s dive deeper and unfold the unique yet classy watch collection of our undisputed fashion icon, Rihanna. 

Rihanna Watch Collection: A Glimpse into Her Luxurious Timepieces

1. Rolex President Day-Date II Everose

Rihanna wearing Rolex President Day-Date II Everose

As classy and fashionable as Rihanna is, so is her collection of watches, and the one brand that Rihanna photographed wearing the most is Rolex. As the watch’s name suggests, this watch is designed in a beautiful rose gold color paired with stunning silver embellishments on the dial. 

Moreover, this is not the first time our pop queen has been seen wearing this watch, but she is often stacking this timeless piece with the same champagne dial on casual outings too. 

  • Price: From $33,950. 
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters
  • Diameter: 40 mm
  • Release Date: 2005

2. Chopard iced-out Happy Sport

Rihanna wearing Chopard iced-out Happy Sport

Chopard is known for its timeless and magnificent designs. Many don’t know that Rihanna collaborated with Chopard. After which, in 2020, she was seen wearing this exquisite design with floating diamonds at the event of her cosmetic brand ‘Fenty Beauty.’

Moreover, this exceptional design made in white gold is available in different variants to choose from and has become one of the most celebrated designs. 

  • Price: From $13,000 or more.
  • Water Resistance: 30 meters
  • Diameter: 36mm
  • Release Date: 1993

3. Cartier Panthère de Cartier Medium Yellow Gold

Rihanna wearing Cartier Panthère de Cartier Medium Yellow Gold

As bold as Rihanna’s personality is, so are her choices- fashionable and trendy. The celebrity and model can often be seen stitching and experimenting with her selection of watches while shooting for her Lingerie brand- Savage X Fenty. This one right here is another intricate design by Cartier worth $26500, which she often wears on her wrist paired up with other great watches and an 18K gold bracelet to flaunt her street style. 

  • Price: From $26500
  • Water Resistance: 30 meters
  • Diameter: 36.51mm
  • Release Date: 1983

4. Rolex Day-Date in 18k Gold with a champagne dial

Rihanna wearing Rolex Day-Date in 18k Gold with a champagne dial

Rihana’s unique fashion choices have always helped her create a statement. It is not the first time that the popstar has been spotted making trends with Rolex, but this time, she was spotted wearing a vintage Rolex Day-Date 18238 in 18k yellow gold with a champagne dial on her wrist, and it can be safely declared ‘class.’ 

This collection of the Rolex was first launched in 1956, and it immediately became an emblem for those with success maybe because of the beauty its champagne dial adds to each of her looks. It was the first timepiece to display the day of the week in full in an arc-shaped window at 12 o’clock, and it is still one of Rolex’s most popular models today.

Moreover, the Rolex Day-Date is distinguished by its classic design and superb craftsmanship, enough to catch attention. 

  • Price:  $33,950
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters
  • Diameter: 36mm
  • Release Date: 1956 

5. Rolex Datejust Mother of Pearl Dial 

Rihanna wearing Rolex Datejust Mother of Pearl Dial 

Well, as much as we would love to say that Rihanna has evolved into some of the industry’s most influential and trendsetting people, we can’t deny that she has always been a fashion queen known to experiment and revolutionize style as per her comfort. 

In 2013, Rihanna made sure all eyes were on her even after being casual when she arrived at the after-party at River Island after promoting her collection at London’s Oxford Street. Stacking a few bracelets and this timeless piece from Rolex Datejust, Rihanna made a statement to be noticed.

 This antique watch was launched in 1945 as a part of rolex Datejust collection and is worth around $12,400 or more and features a jubilee bracelet and a diamond-studded dial. 

  • Price: From $12,400
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters
  • Diameter: 36 mm
  • Release Date: 1945

6. Chopard L’ Heure Du Diamant

Rihanna wearing Chopard L’ Heure Du Diamant

The numerous public appearances Rihanna has shown styling Chopard’s jewelry and watches genuinely show her admiration for their craftsmanship and her classic taste in experimenting with diamonds and watches.

Rihanna took up the task of looking elegant yet chic at the 59th Grammy Awards in 2017 when she wore the Chopard L’ Heure Du Diamant timepiece which is embedded with diamonds along with this beautiful set of Chopard Gem-Set Diamond ear clips. 

  • Price: From $71,025
  • Water Resistance: 30 meters
  • Diameter: 34.2mm
  • Release Date: 2015

7. Piaget Polo

Rihanna wearing Piaget Polo

Whether in candid moments or her music videos, Rihanna leaves an everlasting impression with her classic taste and sporty fashion sense. The pop queen was way ahead of her time when she decided to break the norms by stacking a Piaget Polo men’s watch in gold color for her music video ‘Take a Bow.’

Now discontinued, this watch was a perfect addition to her minimalist black tank top look in the bow music video. Launched in 1979, this watch was indeed the epitome of class, with its gleaming strips running across the bracelet and Rihanna’s wrist made it a fashionable trend after her bow music video. 

  • Price: From $12,400
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters
  • Diameter: 38mm
  • Release Date: 1979

8. Patek Philippe Nautilus Flyback Chronograph

Rihanna wearing Patek Philippe Nautilus Flyback Chronograph

Well, if we are talking about the premium watches worn by Rihanna, how can we forget  Patek Philippe? Did you know the value of this design is not only traded for a handsome amount of $260K? 

This complex yet classy design was launched in 2006  and included numerous sub-dials to add to the charm of this timepiece in 2018. Riri decided to gucci-fy herself by styling this logo-embedded tracksuit by Gucci, which she further balanced out with this stunning timepiece from Patek Philippe priced at approximately more than a thousand dollars. 

  • Price: From $145,480 
  • Water Resistance: 120 m
  • Diameter: 40.5 mm
  • Release Date: 1976

9. Brilliant Flying Tourbillon Watch Choker

Rihanna wearing Brilliant Flying Tourbillon Watch Choker

Rihanna’s popularity also comes from the fact that she can blend distinguished styles and pieces of diamond jewelry in the classiest ways. Rihanna has always been spotted embracing and creating trends. 

Once again, Rihanna decided to push her boundaries and bring a storm when she chose to wear this Jacob & Co. Brilliant Flying Tourbillon timepiece as a choker to the Louis Vuitton SS23 Menswear Show. 

This piece that shows incredible skills and craftsmanship is embedded with 30 carats of baguette-cut white diamonds and 338 brilliant-cut diamonds. This choker’s retail price is worth a whopping amount of $670,000 and made Rihanna shine in her all-denim look. 

  • Price: $670,000
  • Water Resistance: 30m 
  • Diameter: 47 mm
  • Release Date: 2023

10. Jacob Brilliant Skeleton Northern Lights watch

Rihanna wearing Jacob Brilliant Skeleton Northern Lights watch

The Super Bowl LVII sparked an interest as to what was rihanna wearing to look this stunning and classy.

Talking about another embodiment of craftsmanship, Rihanna wearing one of the most amazing designs by Jacob and Co to perform on the stage of the State Farm Stadium in Glendale in February 2023 for the KC Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles final game at Super Bowl LVII. 

This $72,000 timepiece is adorned with an array of 281 round-cut diamonds and a crimson band harmonizing with the rest of her outfit. Rihanna wore this priced possession as diamond jewelry and totally rocked this celebrated design. 

Moreover, being a loyal friend to Jacob and Co, Rihanna has often been spotted in some of the brand’s most exquisite and captivating designs. 

  • Price: $72,000
  • Water Resistance: Upto 30 meters
  • Release Date: 2022
  • Diameter: 44mm

11. Vintage Rolex Submariner- Rolex King Midas by ‘Patcharavipa’ 

Rihanna wearing Vintage Rolex Submariner- Rolex King Midas by ‘Patcharavipa’ 

During the period of experimentation, this regal design was introduced by Rolex in the late 1960s. However, Rihanna chose to wear an 18K gold Rolex King Midas which is a very celebrated design, customized by jeweler Patcharavipa Bodiratnangkura. She was photographed wearing this timepiece in November 2022 on a dinner date with her boyfriend.

You would be surprised to know that this watch is not only a prized possession amongst the fans but also an amazing yet classic design named after King Midas from Greek mythology, who is said to have turned everything he touched into gold. 

Before this, Rihanna decided to flaunt this royal design on her wrist when she announced her pregnancy in September 2022 through Instagram.

  • Price: $42,000.00
  • Diameter: 28mm
  • Release date: 1964
  • Water resistance: Not water resistant

12. Jacob and Co ‘Boutique Watch’ 

Rihanna wearing Jacob and Co ‘Boutique Watch’ 

Another design carried by Rihanna at the launch of Fenty Beauty in NYC that deserves appreciation and admiration was the Jacob and Co ‘Boutique Watch’ embellished with the delicate beauty of 18K white and yellow gold.

While the pop star chose Chopard for her jewelry, she rocked this gorgeous design to balance elegance and aesthetics, which was a limited edition. 

  • Price: $1,08,820
  • Water Resistance: 120 m
  • Diameter: 40mm
  • Release Date: 2006

What Watches Rihanna Own? 

As an entrepreneur, singer, and artist Rihanna is a brand that millions of people look up to. According to a recent report by Forbes, her worth is now known to be 1.7 billion dollars. She not only has 50% stakes in her cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty but also has a substantial share in her lingerie company Savage x Fenty. Her eclectic sense of style and fashion is evident through her appearances and her fondness for timepieces. 

Although it is unknown to what extent Rihanna collects watches, it is safe to say that Rihanna enjoys the craftsmanship and design of wristwatches and regards them as an essential component of her style. She has a collection with all famous brands like Rolex, Chopard, Paige, and other great watches., which is worth millions of dollars. 

Final Thoughts 

Rihanna’s cultural influence goes past music and fashion. Her role as a Black woman from Barbados who has achieved enormous success in various fields has inspired and motivated people worldwide. Not only this, she was also designated as an ambassador for education and tourism in her native place. She has questioned beauty standards, a classic taste, and advocated for racial and gender equality.

Her red carpet and street style looks frequently set trends and inspire designers and fashion fans worldwide. Her collection of jewels has everything and anything from luxurious brands like Jacob and Co. to classic trendsetters like Rolex. 

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