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Nayanthara is the biggest female lead in the South Indian film industry. She is the most preferred choice of the directors in the Malayalam film industry as well as the Tamil and Telugu film industries. The actress has reached the peak of success and lives a lavish life. She not only has an amazing choice of scripts but also has an amazing sense of style. Her original name is Diana Mariam Kurian, but she is known as Nayanthara in her professional field. She was the only South Indian actress who got featured in the Forbes India “Celebrity 100” 2018 list. Her total annual earning at that stage was ₹15.17 crore. She also has a net worth of rupees 165 crores which is quite huge. She is not only one of the female superstars in South India, but she also has a huge fan following in Northern India because of her amazing acting abilities. 

The actress owns several luxurious assets, including cars, residences, an exclusive wardrobe collection and, obviously, watches. Her collection of vehicles includes BMW 5 series worth Rs 50 lakhs, Mercedes worth Rs 88 lakhs, Toyota Innova Crysta, Ford Endeavour, BMW 7 series, etc.

She owns some expensive and stylish watches that are worth mentioning. If you are willing to learn about the luxurious collection of Nayanthara watches, here we have mentioned the best watches in the Nayanthara watch collection. 

Nayanthara watch collections

Richard Mille watch

The actress is a big fan of the Richard Mille brand, and she is often seen wearing her expensive Richard Mille RM-11 watch. It is a luxurious watch that comes with a unique style that can elevate the overall style of a person instantly. The watch that she owns is named Richard Mille RM 001 ceramic NTPT Asia Limited edition. The watch was first introduced to promote the opening of the brand in Singapore. The watch is primarily Red and White, and the watch features include a sprinkling of blue accents on the watch dial. It comes with a sandwich case construction that compromises a front and back in white ceramic. The case band that comes in between is made of NTPT carbon. It is a special type of carbon produced by North Thin Ply Technology. It is a form of carbon fiber that can offer amazing strength to any development. As this material is used in a watch, it takes a decorative, woodgrain-like pattern. 

The watch strap is white, which looks attractive and complements the main body design. Besides all the features, its overall look is unique as it comes with a mechanical touch rather than being a typical sober watch. 

It is the most expensive and attention-grabbing watch in Nayanthara’s watch collection. She is seen wearing this watch multiple times in public. 

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Rolex watch 

nayanthara wearing rolex watch

Rolex is a brand name that has redefined luxurious watches, and almost every celebrity who wants to own luxurious assets also owns a Rolex watch. Nayanthara also has a Rolex watch in her watch collection. She is spotted wearing a Rolex watch on her wrist which has an estimated price of rupees 16,48,000. 


Besides the Richard Mille watch and Rolex watch, the actress also owns several unique and stylish watches that he was with her outfits while appearing in public. Her fashion sense is something worth noticing. 

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