Charles Leclerc is a famous name in the world of Formula Racing. He is a young driver with awe-inspiring driving skills and a competitive mindset. Because of his talent and passion, he has soon become one of the most famous names in the field of racing. If you love watching racing competitions, you definitely know how scaled he is.

Charles is not only a passionate driver, but also he is a watch enthusiast who has an exclusive watch collection valued at more than $5,000,000.

In this article, we will have a look at the exclusive and premium watches he owns and why these are so expensive. Let’s have a detailed look at Charles Leclerc watch collection.

Driven by Style: Charles Leclerc’s Iconic Watch Collection Resonates with Racing Passion

Charles LeClerc’s watch collection

1. Richard Mille RM67-02

Charles Leclerc wearing Richard Mille RM67-02

This watch reflects his success in every way possible. He was seen wearing this watch when he was racing for Scuderia Ferrari during the Italian Grand Prix 2022. It is a unique watch that is specially designed for him. The watch is not excessively complicated, but it has all the properties that a person like Charles would need. The watch is lightweight and completely resistant to scratches. It is designed with perfection, and the color combination can remind you of the national flag of the country to which Charles belongs. It has a color combination of white and red. The watch features a unique combination of TPT composite materials, grade 5 titanium, and an elastic wristband. It has a weight of 32 grams, and according to the company, RM 67-02 is the lightest automatic watch the brand has to offer.

The watch features a skeletonized dial with a thin titanium plate. It has a complete hand-painted and manually finished dial. The watch also has an amazing appearance.

  • Price from- $2 million ( estimated)
  • Water resistance – 30 meters
  • Diameter – 38.7mm
  • Release date – unknown

2. Richard Mille UP-01 Ferrari

Charles Leclerc wearing Richard Mille UP-01 Ferrari

This watch amazingly complements his racing skills and him as a person. It is probably the most unique design you have ever seen on a watch. He was spotted wearing this watch in July 2022, and this timepiece is designed by Richard Mille and Ferrari together. The watch design got viral on the internet. This collaboration between these two brands created this magic. The Richard Mille UP-01 Ferrari is a 1.75 mm thin watch which is also the thinnest watch on the planet. The watch features a unique design that was inspired by the thin and precise lines Ferrari sports cars have. Though it is the thinnest watch in the world, it is not free from complications as it has a complex movement with a tourbillon and a power reserve indicator.

However, Charles was the first to introduce this watch in the market. A few days later, one of his friends made an appearance with the watch. The watch was seen on the wrist of his Ferrari partner Carlos Sainz.

It is a limited edition watch of only 150 pieces and has a whopping retail price of $1,750,000.

  • Price from- $1,888,000
  • Water resistance – 10 meters
  • Diameter – 39 mm
  • Release date – 2022

3. Richard Mille RM-03 “Rafael Nadal”

Charles Leclerc wearing

Charles was spotted wearing this watch during his vacation in his hometown in the summer of 2022. The TPT Richard Mille RM-03 he owns is white in color and has a unique signature butterfly rotor. It is an automatic winding watch that also features a sport mode and function selector. This describes why it is the perfect watch for Charles. It is a unidirectional watch as well, with a skeletonized dial. The best feature of this watch is that it can adjust the geometry only at the push of a button. The watch has a retail price of $265,000.

  • Price from- $220,000
  • Water resistance – 50 meters
  • Diameter – 43.15mm
  • Release date – 2022

4. Richard Mille 35-01 “Rafael Nadal”

Charles Leclerc wearing

Charles is, indeed, a big fan of the brand. It is another Richard Mille tourbillon Rafael Nadal that he has in his watch collection. It features exceptional movement along with a unique and one-of-a-kind carbon TPT case. The watch is composed of different layers of woven carbon filaments, and there is a feature of a 45 degrees fiber orientation shift between two successive layers. It is one of the most durable watches on his wrist. Richard Mille is known for introducing new technical solutions in terms of watches, and the company has done its best with this timepiece. The watch comes with a retail price of $125,000.

  • Price from- $125,000
  • Water resistance – 50 meters
  • Diameter – 42mm
  • Release date – 2014

5. Richard Mille RM72-01 Flyback chronograph

Charles Leclerc wearing

It is an out-of-the-box chronograph that doesn’t come with the traditional 3-6-9 o’clock layout of the RM 11 series chronographs. It has a completely different structure which is immediately convincing. Like all the other timepieces he owns, this is a rare piece with subdials at 1 o’clock, 5 o’clock, and small seconds at 9 o’clock. Though the retail price of the watch is $195,000 and the market price is $320,000.

  • Price from- $320,000
  • Water resistance – 30 meters
  • Diameter – 38.4mm
  • Release date – unknown

6. Richard Mille RM61-01 ‘Ultimate Edition’

Charles Leclerc wearing Richard Mille RM61-01 'Ultimate Edition'

The famous Monegasque formula1 driver has been spotted wearing this 43 mm Richard Mille watch named ‘ultimate edition’. The watch has only 150 pieces available worldwide, and the company has stopped producing this timepiece. The watch features a Carbon TPT-made case with quartz TPT layers. It is another unique watch that is skeletonized and comes sweet after 55 hours of power reserve. The watch is crafted artistically with grade 5 titanium. The recent market price of this watch is something between $750,000 to $800,000.

  • Price from- $750,000
  • Water resistance – 50 meters
  • Diameter – 42.7mm
  • Release date – 2014

7. Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel time 5990/1R

Charles Leclerc wearing Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel time 5990/1R

It is a Patek Philippe watch Charles has in his amazing watch collection. It is Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel time 5990/1R. It is a rose gold watch with an amazing color balance and a sunburst blue dial. The amazing dial comes with a horizontal embossed pattern as well as applied hour markers. It is a comparatively newer addition to the complications of the company and features a self-winding flyback chronograph. It has a unique intuitive travel time function that can be used to track dual time zones. The display with the local time is also available on the watch dial. Among all the watches in his watch collection, this watch is comparatively common and owned by other celebrities as well, including Mark Wahlberg and Francesco Totti. The market price of this watch is something between $280,000-$300,000.

  • Price from- $280,000
  • Water resistance – 120 meters
  • Diameter – 31mm
  • Release date – 2021

8. Hublot Big Bang MECA-10 Black Magic

Charles Leclerc wearing Hublot Big Bang MECA-10 Black Magic

This is the last watch that we are going to talk about in this list. He has this amazing Hublot watch in his collection that comes with a rigid and athletic presence. The watch features a 45 mm ceramic case and comes with a 10-day power reserve, which is quite impressive. The watch also has some other exclusive features, such as a skeletonized dial to glance at the artistry of the inside workings. However, this is a highly functional and practical watch that can be used every day. As it has a straightforward display, it is easy to see the time quickly. The watch comes with a retail price of $24,100.

  • Price from- $24,100
  • Water resistance – 100 meters
  • Diameter – 45mm
  • Release date – 2018

What Watch Does Charles Leclerc Wear?

Going through the watch collection of Charles LeClerc, we can say that he has an extremely exclusive choice when it comes to watches. He doesn’t like going for the premium watches that are hyped in the market. Also, he loves when the watches he wears are extremely rare and of the limited edition. His watch collection includes Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel time, Richard Mille RM61-01 ‘Ultimate Edition’, Richard Mille UP-01 Ferrari, and other amazing watches, including the watch that is specially designed for him such as Richard Mille RM67-02 “Charles LeClerc ‘. He is a true watch lover and a lover of exclusively premium accessories.

Charles LeClerc watch collection is worth over $4.1 million, which is a great amount indeed.


Charles LeClerc’s watch collection is totally different from most other celebrities’ watch collections as he loves to pick the accessories for his wrist that no one has or only a few people can have in the world. Here we have mentioned his amazing watch collection in this article and we hope you have enjoyed it.

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