Barack Obama Watch Collection

Barack Obama, an American politician and lawyer, ruled over the country as the nation’s 44th president from 2009 to 2017. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on August 4, 1961. He is a Democrat and made history by becoming the first African American to assume the president’s office. His leadership continues to inspire millions around the world. Check out his Instagram profile to stay connected with his incredible journey!

He is not only famous for being the first American president of the United States but also for his luxury watch collection. Rolex, Jorg Gray, and Activity Black make some of the most straightforward watches in his collection.

Obama wore the same watch for his eight years in office. Barack Obama’s watch collection includes a few excellent timepieces and his standard clock. Valued at $17,254, his collection reflects both simplicity and elegance.

Check out the cool watches in the former President’s fantastic collection— the “Barack Obama Watch Collection”.

Presidential Timepieces: Exploring Barack Obama’s Distinguished Watch Collection

Barack Obama's Watch Collection

1. The Rolex Cellini

The President frequently wore a Rolex Cellini. Never thought when he was in office. Although many people have spotted Obama wearing the Cellini before his presidential run and after that, it appears to be his go-to watch, it is unknown how long he has had it. It is a straightforward dress watch in white gold measuring 39mm, with a white face and contrasting indexes. It uses a large onion crown and a clear bezel with knurled edges for texture. Elegant and Simple. One is available for $15,400. With his Rolex Cellini reference, President Obama visited the Prince Harry Invictus Games.

  • Price:$15,200
  • Water Resistance:
  • Diameter: 39mm and 41mm
  • Release Date: 1968

2. Chronograph Made By Jorg Gray, Model 6500

Let’s talk about Barack Obama’s stainless steel Jorg Gray 6500 Chronograph. To commemorate the event, Barack Obama’s secret service detail created a unique Jorg Gray 6500 as a birthday present for him on his 46th birthday. It happened in 2007. Obama had only been in office for over a year in 2009 when someone noticed it and posted it online. It became one of the 2009 watches with the most searches. Jorg Gray created a whole collection of commemorative items available in the White House gift shop.

Obama’s version, however, stands out since it has a Secret Service emblem displayed clearly under the hourglass and a message on the reverse. Although, at one point, the Secret Service Gift Shop was selling these and then immediately changed its mind, the present collection is faithful but does not carry the secret service emblem. Some are still out there, but they are different from Obama’s. The watch is reasonable because a Miyota quartz movement powers it. The watch is $450 in price.

  • Price: $425.00
  • Water Resistance:100 meters
  • Diameter: 37 millimeters
  • Release Date:2013

3. Chronograph Activity Black X Teleport

A photo of Barack and his wife, Michelle Obama, was uploaded to social media on January 1, 2022, and it utterly crashed the watch enthusiast’s internet. Everyone wanted to know what was tattooed on his wrist. Many people decided on the Hublot Big Bang or the Royal Oak Offshore. He was wearing a yet-to-be-released collaboration between a small independent company called “Teleport Watches” and an activewear company called “Actively Black” — an excellent black-owned collective clothing brand with celebrities like Steph Curry as ambassadors.

Wrist Enthusiast discovered this after doing a ton of online research. With an integrated rubber band, the watch is understated but readable. It was nice to see Barak visibly promoting a black-owned business that was at the time less well-known. Better still, the watch is only $300.

  • Price:$395
  • Water Resistance:100 meters
  • Diameter: 49 mm
  • Release Date January 1, 2022.

4. Tag Heuer 1500 Two-Tone Diver

Barack Obama reportedly wore a TAG-Heuer Series 1500 Two-Tone Divers watch from the early-1990s until late 2007. The Series 1500 watches were introduced in 1991 and designed to be sold at a lower price than the Series 2000 watches.

The company promoted its diving watches and chronographs as “professional sports watches” and aimed to be functional pieces of diving equipment. The watch is water-resistant to 200 meters and features a screw-down crown, double safety clasp, unidirectional rotating bezel, sapphire glass, and light pointers. The raised triangles on the bezel are the most distinguishing characteristic of the watch, setting it apart from other chronographs of the time.

The Two-Tone model features gold-toned raised triangles and a steel crown. Barack Obama wears either the Full-Size or Three-Quarters (Mid-Size) model, similar in case size.

  • Price:$995.00
  • Water Resistance:200m/660ft/20atm.
  • Diameter:38mm to 40mm
  • Release Date:1970

5. Watch With A Highgear Enduro Compass

Obama occasionally switches up his watch, despite frequently wearing the same one. During his first tenure as president, Obama opted to wear a Highgear Enduro Compass watch for more relaxed or casual settings.

This watch has a black rubber band and an asymmetrical case, and it is a typical digital sports watch. A digital electronic compass, 100 split lap memories, 100 lap memories, a 24-hour chronograph, a 24-hour timer, three alarms, and dual time zones are all included in this particular watch.

The heart rate monitor on the New Balance N7 digital sports watch provides a continuous heart rate measurement, and the chronograph on the watch can time 50 laps or 50 splits. Additionally, the watch may show the time in 12- or 24-hour formats, and the user can select to display a second-time zone. Additional features include two daily alarms, a calendar function, and a 5-bar water resistance.

  • Price $80,
  • Water Resistance: 50 Meters
  • Diameter:
  • Release Date: 2001

6. A Fitbit Ionic

Obama recently endorsed the 2017 Fitbit Ionic Health & Fitness Smartwatch, which costs £148. This Fitbit Ionic provides continuous cardiac monitoring, individualized coaching programs, calorie and step tracking, and sleep monitoring. Obama’s Fitbit Ionic symbolizes a change in middle-aged men’s interest in health and well-being, contributing to physical and mental deterioration.

  • Price: 148 Euro
  • Water resistance: 50 meters
  • Diameter: 32mm
  • Release date: August 2017

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A former president of the United States, Barack Obama, has a straightforward yet distinctive watch collection. Although he has a Rolex in his group, the other timepieces are somewhat affordable. Excellent timepieces like Jorg Gray, Activity Black, and Rolex are included in his collection, valued at about $26,000.

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